In Irim, we have been manufacturing furniture for more than 26 years. Used plates have a thickness not less than 16mm, unlike many other manufacturers chasing exclusively attractive price, which decreased endurance and quality. We have a portfolio of over 100 different colors.

ирим произвежда мебели от пдч и мдф


Furniture company Irim is also a manufacturer of sofas and mattresses. We use over 800 fabrics and leathers that make our furniture suitable for any style and taste. 

мебели ирим произвеждат мека мебел и дивани

New fashion

Irim furniture company has the largest for furniture production in Bulgaria design department. A team of highly qualified designers dictate new trends on the Bulgarian market. Furniture Irim impose annually new colors and shapes. Furniture Irim impose new fashion.



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Looking for quality furniture? Irim furniture company has the most products on the Bulgarian market - over 2000. With over 10 catalogs and brochures, you will surely find furniture according to your taste.

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After selecting a product, find s distributor store in section "Shops" or on the description of the product itself. Welcome - ask for furniture Irim.

Expect the supply and installation

This last step is contracting with a merchant. Furniture company Irim does not work with paricular customers and does not accept responsibility for delivery and installation.